A prototype of a game idea, created for the Minijam 40.

The Minijam 40 ran from  1st - 4th November 2019. The theme of the jam was Hunters, and the restriction placed on this game jam was that the game must only use mouse input (mouse clicks, cursor movement, scroll wheel etc.)

The Deer Hunter is a top down shooter where the player takes control of a lone deer who has aquired a weapon in order to defend themself, and must face off against waves of hunters, all of whom are gunning for the player.

Game Controls
  • Use the mouse cursor to rotate the player
  • Left click move
  • Right click to shoot

Please Note: This is a prototype of a game idea, and should not be considered in any way as a full game. While the game jam ran for 72 hours, it did not take 72 hours for this prototype to be developed.

Development log

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