Bearded Beatdown is a pixel art side scrolling beat em up  game I'm developing in Construct 3. The current build available to play here is a prototype/proof of concept.


Either a keyboard or a gamepad can be used to play this game

  • Movement - WASD/Left Stick
  • Punch - P/B button
  • Kick - K/X Button
  • Pause/Resume - Esc/Start Button
  • Mute/Unmute - M/Y Button



There are a few minor bugs in the current prototype, and they will be addressed in the next build. None of these are game breaking, but just so you are aware, here is a list of known bugs:

  • If/when you lose a life, the player's health bar does not refill until they are hit again. 
  • When the life counter displays 0, the game does not end until the player's life bar is depleted one more time. (Note: this may not be a bug, it may be wanted functionality, to give the player another life, I am currently undecided on this.)
  • Menu text occasionally doesn't display with custom font.
  • Not really a bug, but worth noting, the Boss' sprites are placeholder art.

If anyone comes happens across another bug not mentioned here, please make me aware (in the comments below, or on social media if you wish) and I can add it to the list (and hopefully find a fix for the next build). Thanks.

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