Oh no! Bombs are falling upon major cities around the world! Can you pilot the chopper and destroy the bombs before they destroy the cities? If too many bombs fall, you will fail your mission!

Play through the story, protecting cities around the globe from the falling bombs. Or play the endless mode, and earn the highest score you can.

Created in Construct 3 for week 106 of the Weekly Game Jam, which can be found here


  • HTML 5
    • Use the W and S  keys to pilot the chopper up and down
    • Click the left mouse button to shoot at the bombs
    • Use the Z key to pause the game
    • Use the X key (or resume button)  to resume the game
    • Use the Q key (r quit button) to quit back to the main menu
  • Android
    • Use the arrow buttons to pilot the chopper up and down
    • Press the shoot button to shoot your energy weapons at the bombs
    • Tap the pause button to pause the game
    • Tap the resume button to resume the game

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Updated 25 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android, HTML5
AuthorAllus Interactive
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Arcade, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Chopper Stopper APK 2 MB
Windows 32 71 MB
Windows 64 76 MB
MacOS 104 MB

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This seems like a fun game - only problem is when played in a browser space bar is also the button to scroll down...

This issue happens in some pages for some reasons while not others... some other browser games don't have this issue, but this one does. I think you should consider adding alternative control to fire other than space for the sake of PC-using browser players (e.g.: C or L-Click?) - especially since the download is only for android users ^^

Ah, thank you for letting me know. I didn't come across the issue with the space bar while testing, but I can change the button used to shoot, no problem.

I am currently working on an update, and will include this change in it. The update should be live later this evening.

Thank you for your feedback 😁

Wow I have replayed it, and I find it pretty fun - although quite difficult

A pretty weird bug I find here... when playing sometimes in the middle of the play, I got send back to the title screen as if I accidentally pressed the Q key, although I had made sure my fingers were as far away from the Q key as possible after that happened two times - but it still happened. Is there some weird script that you can think of that might cause the game to randomly send you to the title screen?

Oh, that is a weird bug. Off the top of my head I can't think of what would cause that, but I will look into it. One solution, if all else fails, will be just to remove the Q key as a quit option, and just use the actual Quit button. However, I will have a look around and do some more testing, and will hopefully find the cause of the bug.