This game was developed as an entry for the GBJam7 Game Jam, however I forgot to actually submit the game upon completion, so there we are.

Your family has gone missing! And it's up to you to find them!

Play as Kiwi the Koala as she sets out to find her missing family. But watch out! There's danger at every turn. Hungry predators have begun to prowl the land, and a little koala would make a nice snack! Can Kiwi find her family and save them from being eaten?

Utilizing a classic platforming system, a retro pixel art style and the same aspect ratio as the original game boy, Kiwi the Koala is heavily influenced by retro (classic) platformers.


Arrow Keys: Move left and right.

A Key: Jump and Double Jump.

Escape Key: Pause the game.

Sourced Assets:

I created all assets used within the game using Construct 3's inbuilt sprite editor. The only sourced asset used is the 8-bit jump sound - which is licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.

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